Many writers in their blogs boast about making pronunciation better and suggest methods for help. However, very few dig up reason as to why pronunciation is such a big deal for people. You may find people making a fuss out of English pronunciation and this is the only hindrance to fluent speech. Here are some of the most common excuses put forth by people to avoid practicing pronunciation. Some useful solutions are included in this blog as well.

1. Don’t Have a Strong Sense of Imagination

If you are wondering what part imagination plays in language learning then you are not the only one out there. Your imagination does play a significant role in improving pronunciation. Unfortunately, people consider English as a school subject, rather than a universally acclaimed language.

The English language demands understanding, vision, and practice. These requirements in return require the imagination of the learner. Unless you take interest in what you are learning, it will all be in vain. What you need to do is clear your mind of all ambiguities, refocus your thoughts on your end goal and enjoy the process of learning a language.

2. I Am Not Responsible Enough!

Surely, learning a language requires time and a greater sense of responsibility. If you have a class to attend, 3 days a week and you are skipping 2 of them, then you know how responsible you are. But knowing faults and not amending them are two different things. If you think your teacher is the one responsible for your grades, you are wrong. You need to take responsibility for your own lessons and grades. You can start by paying attention to every lesson that you get.

Fluency is not achieved in a matter of days. It takes time and requires considerable attention. You have to be liable for how much time and effort you put into language learning.

3. I Don’t Have a Feasible Learning Plan

Students are on the lookout for shortcuts. They keep looking for loopholes in their long English-speaking lessons. What you need to realize is that learning a language is not a matter of weeks. It takes years to master a language completely. Even if you are only working on English pronunciation, it is going to take a while.

Don’t make excuses for not having a good execution plan. We suggest you put the effort in the existing one or generate a new one. Contact friends, search for people or tutors that can help you in this respect. The internet is another source of help available to you.

4. I Need to Live Among Native Speakers for English Learning

Well, living in an English society certainly has its benefits but there are no guarantees that you will become as good as a native speaker. Just because you need to work on your pronunciation, does not mean you have to travel to a foreign country. It all comes down to how much time and effort you are investing in your learning. The Internet has made it a piece of cake to gain access to top English learning techniques. Use social media to reach out to native speakers or people with experience in the language you are interested in. English videos, podcasts, and videos are also there to help you.

In any case, time for ill excuses and demotivation is over. It would be more prudent to spend that energy on improving your pronunciation. Therefore, time to get on with your learning and this blog is just the beginning.

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