When you aim to learn the English language, learning vocabulary is the first step. You might have learned some typical methods of getting a grip on vocabulary. These methods include reading, listening to songs and practicing the language. However, learning methods evolve too. Here are some enjoyable activities and games that will help you enrich your vocabulary quickly without much fuss.

The Material You Require

You need an even number of slips and words. Out of these words, you may have to make questions. You can take help from your course book for searching topic or words.

Revision Strategy

You have to go through selected words prior to playing the game. You may test the intellect of your fellow students as well. Simply stand in middle and call out synonyms of words you have chosen and ask others to guess the exact word then.

1. Do You Have a Question?

Take some cards and write some words or expressions on them. Cards have to be big enough to be visible from a distance. You then have to stick them on a board or a wall for everyone to see. Now make teams of two players each and ask them to come up with a question pertaining to the word on the card. Give them some time to write the questions down on a paper or a card. Once it is over, ask them to stick the paper on the wall, next to a word they have used. Once everyone is done, ask him or her to walk the length of the walls. As they do so, they are to discuss each of the questions with one another.

2. The Keywords

For this game, you have to choose words that can trigger a discussion. Start with selecting a theme. Divide students into teams of 3 and give each team a word. Take first turn and jot down a word on the board. Give each team the chance to discuss questions using the given word. You can continue this activity for hours without getting bored.

3. Word Bag

Divide students into groups of 4 and give them a specific number of cards. Each card must have a word written on it. Place the cards in a shopping bag and the groups will compete against each other. The game starts as team A withdraws a card from the bag and makes a sentence with the word on the card without actually saying the word. The twist comes when the other team guesses the left-out word. Each team discusses for 30 seconds and once that time is over, either they give an answer or the other team gets a turn.

These games are for students wishing to improve their vocabulary skills quickly. These games can be fun and value adding, so we hope you get the maximum learning experience by engaging in these activities.

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