YouTube is one of the fastest growing channels worldwide. While it started off as an entertainment center for watching and uploading songs and videos, it now offers much more. Now you can do more than watch videos all day long. You can watch and learn from videos covering every possible and existing topic worldwide. Thus it can add great value to your life.

So, it is not a far-off notion that YouTube channels can offer great tips on improving English now, is it? Definitely not! If you have been struggling with English all your life, we have a list of 7 cool channels that can aid your learning. Don’t waste any more time and read on for some fun and sage advice.

Learn English with

This channel offers a couple of interesting videos from both British and American perspectives. You can learn everything there is about the two cultures and the differences in their language. The channel offers lessons as well as vocabulary tools and repetition flashcards among other things to help you learn English faster. Check out this link for more info.

BBC Learn English

The British Broadcasting Corporation (one of the most popular companies) has developed some English language learning lessons in various formats like cartoons, interviews, and real-life scenarios. BBC has compiled a list of words that are often used in the news. Though the videos are short, you can still get a lot of good information for free!

Real English

It is one of the best channels for beginners where a large number of free lessons can be accessed at all times. Each lesson contains two videos, with and without subtitles in addition to some exercises. What we have found unique about this channel is that English is taught in relation to real-life situations. This helps students understand how people speak the language in their everyday lives.

Business English Pod

This is a really useful channel for business students struggling to understand some of the management terms. Now, you don’t have to be afraid while sitting in your business class or feel clueless in a business meeting. The lessons are designed to cover a variety of topics like finance, contract law and supply chain management in a manner that even a layman can understand with ease.

Jennifer ESL

The channel offers a rich collection of more than 200 videos in the form of playlists. Get simple lessons on grammar and pronunciation in an interactive manner. We think it is time you enjoy natural learning through everyday conversations.

EF podEnglish

This channel offers 5-minute videos focused on improving English language skills at all levels. The lessons are designed to watch, learn, and practice on various topics in a humorous manner, making English easy and fun to learn.

VOA Learning English

This channel offers news in a unique manner. The news reporters speak words slowly so the viewers can hear each word clearly. The slow speed allows viewers to follow the shape of the speaker’s mouth to mimic their style. The channel offers a discussion forum on Google+ to provide tips on grammar and English stories from all over the world. Spending time on YouTube can be a lot of fun.

It is better to add some learning to the fun part. These channels promise both elements. So, it is time for you to worry less about your English skills and watch more videos for improvement. We wish you luck in your journey to improve English and also urge you to start following these channels today to be better prepared tomorrow.

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