Information Collection Policy

We collect personal information to understand the needs and preferences of our clients. Collecting this information can help bring about improvements to our present and future services. Our service providers and developers work round-the-clock to offer quality services relevant to the client’s interests.

Information Usage

The collected information is exclusively for professional purposes. We use the information to ensure that our services are efficient and satisfactory to the customers. This will help us understand the problem customers are facing with our services and help improve our services to provide better user experience. We request every client to cooperate fully in sharing their information, as it will help us address their demands in a more effective manner.

Information Security

The privacy of clients is of utmost importance to us. We want every client to feel safe, which is why we have set several security protocols in place to prevent security breaches or hacking of personal data. However, we urge all clients to be cautious, share only the necessary information and report any security violations at once. We will fully cooperate in resolving any security issues.

Third party links

Third party links can be very useful in providing new information. We have added some links related to client’s interests on the site. These links can help clients get better access to research although we are not accountable for any unusual experience of a client on such sites.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are vital in maintaining the functionality of a site. We recommend clients to accept cookies to improve services as cookies collect data from search histories of people to improve experience of the users.

Policy Changes

You can expect an update or alteration in our policy at any time without prior intimation. Visit the site to stay apprised of all policy changes.